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Transcendentalist Movement Essays - Transcendentalism, Lecturers

Visionary Movement Introspective philosophy was an artistic development in the principal half of the nineteenth century. The philosophical hypothesis contained such perspectives as self-assessment, the festivity of independence, and the conviction that the crucial certainties existed outside of human experience. Satisfaction of this quest for information came when one increased an intense consciousness of magnificence and truth, and spoke with nature to discover association with the Over-Soul. At the point when this happened, one was scrubbed of materialistic points, and was left with a feeling of independence and immaculateness. Two creators who were among the pioneers of the development were Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau, whose works Nature, Independence, also, Walden carried America to the cutting edge of the visionary development. Their thoughts contradicted the famous realist perspectives on life and voiced a want for opportunity of the person from fake restrictions. They felt that in the event that they investigated nature completely, they would come to know themselves and the widespread certainties better. The idea of introspective philosophy is plainly communicated in the article Nature, by Ralph Waldo Emerson. Emerson was a pioneer in the development of introspective philosophy and the primary American creator to impact European idea. His article Nature recounts how one can pick up knowledge what's more, profound purifying basically from encountering nature. Emerson recounts how in the forested areas is ceaseless youth and in the forested areas we come back to reason and confidence. These lines epitomize the very standards of introspective philosophy. They show the profound roots an individual has in nature and how one can get information on their Over-Soul by genuinely getting a charge out of the outside and liberating oneself of past shades of malice. In the accompanying lines, Emerson comments: Remaining on the exposed ground-my head washed by the cheerful air and elevated into unbounded space-all mean self love evaporates. I become a straightforward eyeball: I am nothing; I see every one of; the flows of the Universal Being circle through me; I am part or bundle of God. These lines show the visionary conviction that virtue and information can be gotten from an association with and comprehension of nature. Emerson additionally relates the idea of introspective philosophy to human life in his paper, Confidence. In this suitably named paper, Emerson wrestles with another piece of introspective philosophy, the issue of confidence. He considers humanity to be fairly a weakling; that individuals never express their actual selves. Emerson guarantees that people are reluctant to come up short; they are satisfied if effective, yet are forever discontent with where and what they are. He communicates visionary standards by saying that a genuine individual would be a non-conventionalist. Emerson articulates this faith in the accompanying lines: There is a period in each keeps an eye on instruction when he shows up at the conviction that jealousy is obliviousness; that impersonation is self destruction; that he should take himself for better, for more terrible, as his bit of sustaining corn can come to him yet, through his work. These words are the embodiment of the standards of introspective philosophy that one must praise the person so as to discover himself one with the universe. Another noteworthy look into the center beliefs of introspective philosophy was made by the recognized creator Henry David Thoreau. Thoreau lived in the home of writer and rationalist Ralph Waldo Emerson. His generally regarded and appreciated work was the story, Walden, which gives a candid articulation of his explanations behind grasping a pensive and positively visionary life living on the shore of Walden Pond. In Walden, Thoreau clarifies why he picked the forested areas: I went to the woods since I wished to live purposely, to front just the fundamental realities of life, and check whether I was unable to realize what it needed to educate, and not, when I came to bite the dust, find that I had not lived. I didn't wish to live what was not life, living is so dear; nor did I wish to rehearse abdication, except if it was very important. Thoreau himself was cited as saying, In wild is the conservation of the world. In Walden, the creator depicts the cardinal significance of nature in ones hunt of their spirit. Thoreau decided to live in withdrawal since he accepted isolation was the best buddy all together to know ones own self. In the exposition, he felt that humanity minded too profoundly for material belongings; streamline! he entreated. Thoreau guaranteed that people were demolished by extravagance and inconsiderate cost and that achievement is picked up when one propels unquestionably toward his dreams. Thoreau focused on the significance of the individual, saying If a man doesn't stay up with his associates, maybe it is on the grounds that he hears

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German perpetrators committed the Holocaust Essay

German culprits submitted the Holocaust - Essay Example The Holocaust was completely one of the most horrendous occasions of the twentieth century,and the term 'Holocaust' is essentially used to portray the slaughtering of roughly 6,000,000 European Jews during World War II as a major aspect of a program of purposeful killing arranged and executed by the Nazi system in Germany drove by Adolf Hitler In request to have the option to even remotely comprehend the Holocaust appropriately, there is a large number of issues that should be altogether tended to and talked about. Numerous individuals after some time have endeavored to disclose the reasons regarding why German culprits followed requests to submit mass homicide, and the point of this paper is to examine whether these reasons are lighting up, just as the reasons why they are or are most certainly not. By doing this, we won't just have the option to find the solutions to this, yet too will have the option to more readily comprehend the issue of the Holocaust generally speaking. This is the thing that will be dissertated in the following.There are a wide range of events which have occurred on the planet which have left a mind boggling affect and have altogether impacted the future that lay in front of it drastically, and the Holocaust is, in actuality, one of these depicted events. There are such a significant number of inquiries that encompass the Holocaust, to be specific that of how such normal individuals could have taken an interest in such an unholy and incomprehensible demonstration of bigotry and disdain. Every individual appears to have their own taking and view on this issue, and any record of the Holocaust itself genuinely needs to take perspectives, for example, this into thought so as to have the option to increase a legitimate comprehension on the event itself by any means. As a general rule, albeit most likely there are adherents to each extraordinary clarification, simultaneously there are clearly going to be those which are more trustworthy and co mprehendible than others, and it is imperative to figure out which will be which, hence demonstrating the inconceivable requirement for a conversation of the matter of the various reasons that have been utilized in the past so as to clarify about the matter of in what way numerous individuals could act so heartless and unfeeling and submit torment and murder to blameless people. The Holocaust was an event which was described by the proficient and precise endeavor to gather and slaughter whatever number individuals as could be allowed, and for instance, nitty gritty arrangements of potential casualties were made and kept up utilizing Dehomag measurable hardware, and fastidious records of the killings were delivered. As detainees entered the concentration camps, they were made to give up all close to home property to the Nazis, which was then absolutely classified and labeled, and for which receipts were given (Wette, 2006). The Holocaust was amazingly topographically far reaching, and it was deliberately directed in basically all accessible regions of Nazi-involved domain, with the mass murdering even under the least favorable conditions being in Central and Eastern Europe, which had in excess of 7 million Jews in the year 1939. The Holocaust was a madly and incredibly horrendous and abhorrent event, which was done with any relief in any event, for kids or babies, and during the genuine determination process inside the Holocaust, kids were partitioned cautiously into two separate gatherings: the individuals who could work, and the individuals who proved unable. The individuals who were regarded as being sufficiently solid to work were kept alive simply because they would be helpful, and were given a uniform and a detainee ID which was inked onto them. The kids who were not thought as being qualified for work were taken quickly to the gas chambers, tormented and murdered. There were additionally numerous clinical investigations which were completed during the Holocaust, and the majority of these clinical examinations incorporated a lot of torment; this remembered the putting of subjects for pressure chambers, testing different medications on them to see the outcomes and symptoms, freezing them to death, and t oo different other normally deadly injuries. Those engaged with the Holocaust appeared to have

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Teaching Students How to Write IELTS Essay Samples

Teaching Students How to Write IELTS Essay SamplesWriting IELTS essay samples is an important task one should undertake to ensure that all their efforts are spent effectively. It is also a chance for the student to learn more about how to produce better essay from a professional viewpoint.The main aim of writing the IELTS exams is to ensure that foreign students are not at a disadvantageously high-risk level with regards to passing the exam and that the qualification is one which can be used by them in order to reach higher career positions. These two objectives are achieved through the careful selection of topics to be studied and research techniques that are suitable for this purpose. There are several ways one can choose to structure an essay of this type and the goal should be to make it as good as possible so that the student passes the examination and proves to have the right knowledge of English in order to land themselves a great job in an international company or university. Writing the IELTS essay samples is not only an important task but also an opportunity for the student to gain some knowledge about this subject. This is why they should write some variations of the same topic, either in conjunction with other subjects, or as the conclusion of a whole course. The latter approach can allow the student to learn more about various writing formats and to get some creative insight.One of the first things that should be realized when it comes to writing IELTS essay samples is that they should avoid the common pitfalls of poor writing and lack of originality. There are many common mistakes that one can make that can have disastrous effects on the final product. These include writing the introduction and the conclusion so as to closely resemble the main body of the paper.Another common mistake that one should avoid is the widespread use of sentence construction to get the audience involved in the writing process. It is important to emphasize certain points a nd make them stick to the readers as well as the writer.This should be especially the case with students who take part in writing IELTS essay samples. Most of the time, students will just copy and paste from their high school textbooks. It is important to ask for help whenever needed in order to make sure that the students understand what they are writing.When writing IELTS essay samples, it is important to remember that the material should be able to be understood by any professional English speaker, no matter what the topic is. One needs to become familiar with the conventions of proper spelling and grammar in order to gain this knowledge. It is also essential to have a clear understanding of the rules and regulations in order to avoid serious misunderstandings.These guidelines should help in teaching students how to write IELTS essay samples so that they can ensure that they have fully understood the material they are going to be studying. By knowing these general guidelines, the student will be able to write clearer and make use of more words in the final product.

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Romantic Love as a Basis for Marriage

Romantic Love as a Basis for Marriage There are different reasons why people get married. If the marriage is between young people, they may want to get free from their parents and show that they are adult. If you are older than thirty, you may want to get married to ease loneliness or because all your friends are already married. At any age one can want to marry another person for money or for immigration purposes. But all of these reasons are not right, to my mind, as they lack the most important constituent – love. Living together with another person is not always easy, especially if you are used to living alone or in your own room with your private space. But as soon as you get married, there appears another person in your private space, who is always around you with his/her own habits and way of living, which may not always be the same as yours. And it is hard, even if you prepare yourself for it by thinking over your behavior and actions in some specific situations. If you are not in love with the person you get married to, you won’t be able to put up with those different habits and traits of character. Sooner or later, you will give up and realize what a huge mistake you’ve made. If you are in love – it is also not very easy to put up with another person’s way of life as well, but only in the beginning. After some time, you will get used to each other and will not be able to live apart. And at those initial stages it is love that makes you forgive all the minor and even serious faults and doesn’t let you split up. The only presence of your beloved person brings smile to your face and makes you forget about all the unpleasant moments. You are thankful for everything that is happening between you two. Of course, it is necessary to test your love with time and get sure that your feeling is true and will not fade away ever. I believe that love is what we exist for and marriage without it is doomed to failure. It is better to wait for your love longer, than to get married to the person whom you don’t love and regret this till the end of your life.

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Biography of African American Senator Hiram Revels

It took until 2008 for the first African American to be elected president, but remarkably the first black man to serve as U.S. senator—Hiram Revels—was appointed to the role 138 years earlier. How did Revels manage to become a lawmaker just years after the Civil War ended? Learn more about the life, legacy and political career of this trailblazing senator. Early Years and Family Life Unlike many blacks in the South at the time, Revels was not born a slave but to free parents of black, white and possibly Native American heritage on Sept.  27, 1827, in Fayetteville, N.C. His older brother Elias Revels owned a barbershop, which Hiram inherited upon his sibling’s death. He ran the shop for a few years and then left in 1844 to study at seminaries in Ohio and Indiana. He became a pastor in the African Methodist Episcopal Church and preached throughout the Midwest before studying religion at Illinois’ Knox College. While preaching to blacks in St. Louis, Mo., Revels was briefly imprisoned for fear that he, a freeman, might inspire enslaved blacks to revolt. In the early 1850s, he married Phoebe A. Bass, with whom he had six daughters. After becoming an ordained minister, he served as a pastor in Baltimore and as a high school principal. His religious career led to a career in the military. He served as a chaplain of a black regiment in Mississippi and recruited blacks for the Union Army. Political Career In 1865, Revels joined the staffs of churches in Kansas, Louisiana  and Mississippi—where he established schools and started his political career. In 1868, he served as an alderman in Natchez, Miss. The next year, he became a representative in the Mississippi State Senate. â€Å"I am working very hard in politics as well as in other matters,† he wrote to a friend after his election. â€Å"We are determined that Mississippi shall be settled on a basis of justice and political and legal equality.† In 1870, Revels was elected to fill one of Mississippi’s two empty seats in the U.S. Senate. Serving as a U.S. senator required nine years of citizenship, and Southern Democrats challenged Revels’ election by saying he didn’t meet the citizenship mandate. They cited the 1857 Dred Scott decision in which the Supreme Court determined that African Americans weren’t citizens. In 1868, however, the 14th Amendment granted blacks citizenship. That year, blacks became a force to contend with in politics. As the book â€Å"America’s History: Volume 1 to 1877† explains: â€Å"In 1868, African Americans won a majority in one house of the South Carolina legislature; subsequently they won half the state’s eight executive offices, elected three members of Congress, and won a seat on the state supreme court. Over the entire course of Reconstruction, 20 African Americans served as governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state, treasurer or superintendent of education, and more than 600 served as state legislators. Almost all the African Americans who became state executives had been freeman before the Civil War, whereas most of the legislators had been slaves. Because these African Americans represented districts that large planters had dominated before the Civil War, they embodied the potential of Reconstruction for revolutionizing class relationships in the South.† The sweeping social change spreading across the South likely made Democrats in the region feel threatened. But their citizenship ploy did not work. Revels’ supporters argued that the pastor-turned-politician had been a citizen. After all, he’d voted in Ohio in the 1850s before the Dred Scott decision changed the citizenship rules. Other supporters said that the Dred Scott decision should have only applied to men who were all black and not mixed-race like Revels. His backers also pointed out that the Civil War and Reconstruction laws had overturned discriminatory legal rulings like Dred Scott. So, on Feb. 25, 1870, Revels became the first African American U.S. senator. To mark the groundbreaking moment, Republican Sen.  Charles Sumner of Massachusetts remarked, â€Å"All men are created equal, says the great Declaration, and now a great act attests this verity. Today we make the Declaration a reality†¦. The Declaration was only half established by Independence. The greatest duty remained behind. In assuring the equal rights of all we complete the work.† Tenure in Office Once he was sworn in, Revels tried to advocate for equality for blacks. He fought to have African Americans readmitted to the Georgia General Assembly after Democrats forced them out. He spoke out against legislation to maintain segregation in Washington, D.C., schools and served on labor and education committees. He fought for black workers who’d been denied the opportunity to work at the Washington Navy Yard simply because of their skin color. He nominated a young black man named Michael Howard to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, but Howard was ultimately refused entry. Revels also supported the building of infrastructure, levees and railroad. While Revels advocated for racial equality, he did not behave vengefully toward ex-Confederates. Some Republicans wanted them to face ongoing punishment, but Revels thought they should again be granted citizenship, as long as they pledged loyalty to the United States. Like Barack Obama would be more than a century later, Revels was hailed by his fans for his skills as an orator, which he likely developed because of his  experience as a pastor. Revels served just one year as U.S. senator. In 1871, his term ended, and he accepted the position of president of Alcorn Agricultural and Mechanical College in Claiborne County, Mississippi. Just a few years later, another African American, Blanche K. Bruce, would represent Mississippi in the U.S. Senate. While Revels only served a partial term, Bruce became the first African American to serve a full-term in office. Life After the Senate Revels’ transition into higher education didn’t spell the end of his career in politics. In 1873, he became Mississippis interim secretary of state. He lost his job at Alcorn when he opposed the reelection bid of Mississippi Gov. Adelbert Ames, who Revels accused of exploiting the black vote for personal gain. An 1875 letter Revels wrote to President Ulysses S. Grant about Ames and the carpetbaggers was heavily circulated. It said in part: â€Å"My people have been told by these schemers, when men have been placed on the ticket who were notoriously corrupt and dishonest, that they must vote for them; that the salvation of the party depended upon it; that the man who scratched a ticket was not a Republican. This is only one of the many means these unprincipled demagogues have devised to perpetuate the intellectual bondage of my people.† In 1876,  Revels resumed his work at Alcorn, where he served until retiring in 1882. Revels also continued his work as a pastor and edited the A.M.E. Church’s newspaper, the Southwestern Christian Advocate. In addition, he taught theology at Shaw College. Death and Legacy On Jan. 16, 1901, Revels died of a stroke in Aberdeen, Miss. He was in town for a church conference. He was 73. In death, Revels continues to be remembered as a trailblazer. Just nine African Americans, including Barack Obama, have won election  as U.S. senators since Revels time in office. This indicates that diversity in national politics continues to be a struggle, even in a 21st century United States far removed from slavery.

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Child Obesity As An Issue Of Public Health, The Socio...

To understand the phenomena behind child obesity as an issue of public health, the socio-ecological model should be considered. As seen in the Figure 1 below, the ecological model considers individual factors, relationship factors, community factors, and societal factors. Individual level (first level at the extreme right) includes biology and personal characteristics such as, knowledge, attitudes, self-efficacy, racial/ethnic identity, gender, age, and religious identity. Relationship level (second level) is when informal or formal social networks and support systems that influence individual behaviors, including family, friends, co-workers, and religious networks or traditions. Community level (third level) is affiliations among social relationships, which includes neighborhoods, workplace, schools, and organizations. Societal levels (fourth level) are broad societal factors of organizations or social institutions, such as socioeconomic status, cultural and social norms, social pol icies, local, state, and/or national laws. The ecological model describes individual factors of child obesity to involve when individuals possess certain knowledge, behaviors, and attitudes related towards dietary intake, sedentary behavior, physical activity, age, gender, and familiar susceptibility to weight gain. The individual level of the ecological model is frequently the focus of child overweight and obesity research because the energy imbalance can be easily seen and analyzed. Overall,Show MoreRelatedThe Socio Ecological Model Of Childhood Obesity Essay1660 Words   |  7 Pagesunderstanding of how everyday lived environments are complicit in producing higher rates of obesity and its associated diseases among New Zealanders, particularly in children. Childhood obesity is widely regarded as a significant health concern in New Zealand (NZ), owing to its growing national prevalence, its links to long term ill-health, and high economic burden on the health system. A socio-ecological model can be used to demonstrate how e nvironments, ranging from individual to societal, influenceRead MoreObservation Of Various Life Stages5410 Words   |  22 Pagesand predict both individual and group behavior during the different stages of human life. The observer will describe in detail an observation conducted onto 2 groups of children in early adolescent stage. The first documentation is on encountered issues of these ages, abnormal behavior in subjects, developmental crises, and situational/environmental-related factors, as well as theories. A referral list of recourses available in their community, oriented to provide help to their age/stage range isRead MoreThe Effects of Advertising on Children33281 Words   |  134 Pages............................................................................................ 12 FINDINGS....................................................................................................................................... 14 Child development.......................................................................................................................... 14 Developmental stages of childhood ............................................................................Read MoreSocial Influence of Television Advertisement on Children a Case Study of Selected Primary Schools in Somolu Local Government Area9371 Words   |  38 PagesCurrently, advertisements that target children are very controversial. However, advertising to children does not only bring in funds from the children but more importantly, it generates what experts call â€Å"The Nag Factor.† The â€Å"Nag Factor† is when a child sees an ad for a product then cries and complains to a parent until the parent purchase the item (Dumont) 2003, Over half of all families have reported to agree with a child’s request just to avoid an argument. McNeal 2005 emphasizes the â€Å"Nag Factor†Read MorePublic Health Paper12265 Words   |  50 PagesFrom past to present; the changing focus of public health by Maria Joyce Key sections include: Environment, infectious disease, locating public health, the enlightenment, the Sanitarians, national provision of services, the inception of the National Health Service, ‘crisis in health’, The New Right, The Third Way, new public health. Public health, the new ideology may be taken to mean the promotion of healthy lifestyles linked to behaviour and individual responsibility supported by governmentRead MoreBuss Plan12286 Words   |  50 PagesAnalysis a. Market/Company situation b. Market segments c. Competitive situation d. Barriers to entry e. Strength of competitors f. Sustainable advantages g. Pricing issues 3. Macro Situation a. Economy b. Social/cultural 4. SWOT Analysis a. Internal factors b. External environment c. External threats d. Internal weaknesses 5. Issue Analysis 6. Mission, Vision, Values 7. Market Analysis a. Primary market b. Secondary markets c. Tertiary markets d. Prospective customers 8. Proposed locations 9. ActionRead MoreProcessed Cheese and Kraft Foods30876 Words   |  124 PagesStrategies(YL) 103 Strategic Issue #1 (Team) 104 Alternative # 1(ME) 104 Alternative #1 Advantages(ME) 105 Alternative #1 Disadvantages(ME) 105 Alternative # 2(KH) 105 Alternative # 2 Advantages(KH) 106 Alternative #2 Disadvantages (KH) 107 Alternative # 3(YL) 108 Alternative # 3 Advantages(YL) 108 Alternative #3 Disadvantages(YL) 109 Strategic Issue #2(Team) 109 AlternativeRead MoreExploring Corporate Strategy - Case164366 Words   |  658 Pagesmain text of this book includes 87 short illustrations and 15 case examples which have been chosen to enlarge speciï ¬ c issues in the text and/or provide practical examples of how business and public sector organisations are managing strategic issues. The case studies which follow allow the reader to extend this linking of theory and practice further by analysing the strategic issues of speciï ¬ c organisations in much greater depth – and often providing ‘solutions’ to some of the problems or difï ¬ culties

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Speak For Those Who Cant free essay sample

In a world full of greed and selfishness, there is little compassion for those unlike our own. Many people believe that humans are the superior to all other species, but I do not necessarily agree. As poet and philosopher Sri Aurobindo once said, â€Å"Life is life- whether in a cat, or dog, or man. There is no difference there between a cat or a man. The idea of difference is a human conception for man’s own advantage†. It is sick to see how easily humankind can turn into savages once the concept of respect and consideration is extended beyond our species to include other animals. I want to know how humans can hang a dead animal’s head or stuffed body up on their wall and call it a trophy. I want to know how the most squeamish of all women have no trouble covering themselves in furs of all kinds. We will write a custom essay sample on Speak For Those Who Cant or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page I want to know how pet stores get away with selling dogs from puppy mills and why no one has yet to put a stop to the so-called sport of seal clubbing. How many animals have to be mistreated, abandoned, or killed before enough of the world takes notice? How many species have to disappear off of the face of the earth before we finally put a stop to the abuse? I wish I did not have to ask these questions. Because we should not have to fight for an animal’s right to be free from human cruelty and exploitation. For those who ask what is wrong with hunting and circus enslavement and animal testing, I would like to pose for them this question: If there is nothing wrong with animal abuse, then what is wrong with cannibalism, racism, sexism, slavery, and the experiments Nazis performed on prisoners during World War II? Any objections? If yes, then consider this: Are the above actions wrong because the subjects involved were human, or because the subjects were harmed? I know I might have come across as a crazy, radical animal activist thus far, but in order to truly show to you just how important the issue of animal rights is to me, I must be blunt and a little extreme. Simply put, I love animals so much more than I could possibly express in this essay, or in words in general. Nothing brings a bigger smile to my face than watching a happy little puppy romping around in grass taller than it is, chasing bugs and enjoying the warmth of a bright summer’s day. And nothing brings such deep heartache as does watching a beloved animal grow old and weary, too weak to let its spirit run free. An animal can be so much more than merely another creature roaming among us; an animal can be your companion, your closest family, and your lifelong friend. My lifetime endeavor is to put a stop to animal cruelty. I feel that one of the main purposes for my life is to help fight for those who cannot speak for themselves. I dream of the day that the world embraces the fact that we are all God’s creatures and that we all have rights.